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Why do two flowers of the same species have different color petals? a. photosynthesis b. expression of an acquired trait c. exposure to sunlight d. expression of inherited trait

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Recent research by marine biologists suggests that bottlenose dolphins have names for themselves. scientists played sounds they had identified as the names of particular dolphins, putting them through a synthesizer so that they did not sound like the voices of particular dolphins. the researchers found that dolphins would respond to the names of other dolphins that they were related to or associated with, but they ignored the names of strangers. this discovery suggests a much greater degree of self-awareness in aquatic mammals than was previously suspected. if this research holds up, what does it suggest about dolphins?
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Which phrase is the best summary of the model shown? a. the transfer of the sun's energy through trophic levels b. a series of aerobic and anaerobic reactions c. a transformation of light energy into chemical energy d. the breakdown of food molecules
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14. which of the following codons code for threonine? a. ucg b. ugu c. cga d. aca
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When the oxygen produced by photosynthetic plants in the water dissolves in the water, which of these is being formed?
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Why do two flowers of the same species have different color petals? a. photosynthesis b. expression...

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