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How does neurotransmitter impact the human body?

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Which of the following factors constitutes to reemergence of disease more than the appearance of a new disease? a: misuse of medication b: exotic animal trade c: changing environments d: humans entering new land
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In response to framton's dialogue about his health issues, mr. sappleton replies: "no? " said mr. sappleton, in a voice which only replaced a yawn at the last moment. then she suddenly brightened into alert not to what framton was saying. what does this statement reveal about how mrs. sappleton feels about framton? a) she finds him boring. b) she's happy he came by. c) she finds him annoying. d) she feels sorry for him
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Ageneticist was puzzled by these data and interviewed farmers who had bred these cattle for decades. she learned that kerrys were true breeding. dexters, on the other hand, were not true breeding and never produced as many offsprings as kerrys. based on this, what will be the result from a mating between two f1 polled dexters
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When the continents broke apart and separated, animals were separated by ocean. this lead to this type of speciation?
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How does neurotransmitter impact the human body?...

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