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Which of these are found in a lymph

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The diagram above shows some of the components of the lymphatic system. what is the name and function of the structure indicated by letter b? lymph vessel; transports lymph to lymph node lymph vessel; returns lymph to subclavian veins lymph trunk; returns lymph to subclavian veins lymph trunk; transports lymph to lymph node
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Select the correct statement about lymph transport. a. lymph transport depends on the movement of adjacent tissues, such as skeletal muscles. b. under normal conditions, lymph vessels are very high-pressure conduits. c. lymph transport is only necessary when illness causes tissue swelling. d. lymph transport is faster than that occurring in veins.
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Why does lymph need to flow more slowly through the lymph nodes? 1) so that lymph can produce more lymphocytes 2)so that lymph does not backflow into surrounding organs 3) so that lymphocytes can destroy harmful substances in the lymph 4)so that lymph can diffuse and dilute the harmful substances
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Which of the following describes the path of lymph that just exited a lymph node? lymph vessels, to lymph ducts, to tissues lymph vessels, to lymph trunks, to subclavian vein lymph trunks, to lymph vessels, to abdominal vena cava lymph trunks, to blood vessels, to tissues
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Which of these are found in a lymph...

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