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The moon is made up of minerals similar to those on earth, which are
a. blunar breccias.
b. highlands.
c. rilles.
d. silicates.

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The gene that causes sickle-cell disease is present in a higher percentage of residents of sub-saharan africa than among those of african descent living in the united states. even though this gene causes sickle-cell disease, it also provides some protection from malaria, a serious disease that is widespread in sub-saharan africa but absent in the united states. discuss an evolutionary process that could account for the different percentages of the sickle-cell gene among residents of the two regions.
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Of the pollutants that form acids in the atmosphere, which is easiest to reduce? a. sulfur dioxide b. nitrogen dioxide c. ozone d. carbon monoxide
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Are these strong bases, neutral, strong acids, weak acids or weak base household bleach (ph=12.6) fluid in a car's battery (ph of less than 1.0) milk (ph=6.7) stomach contents (ph=2.2) pure water (ph=7)
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Part e - sequence of metabolic processes each of the different cellular metabolic pathways occurs in a specific order. consider aerobic cellular metabolism from the beginning to end. what is the sequential order of the metabolic processes that starts with glucose and results in the production of carbon dioxide, water, and atp? put the following in the correct sequential order. rank from earliest to latest. to rank items as equivalent, overlap them. view available hint(s) acetyl coaglycolysiscitric acid cycle pyruvate finishstartstart background image electron transport chain background image finish background image submit cellular metabolism is often expressed as an equation. this equation puts into perspective, on a general scale, the substances needed to start cellular metabolism and the products that come out of it. the equation represents the overall product yield after every step of cellular metabolism is complete (i. e., glycolysis through the electron transport system). in this part of the tutorial you task will be to put together the equation that represents cellular metabolism. you will also learn the products that result from each metabolic pathway and the role that some these products play in the production of atp.
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