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What is the unknown mineral most likely that has a density of 7.14

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Awic dietitian is meeting with a client who has an infant and a young child. the mother says that the young child is a very picky eater and will only eat crackers and juice. the health worker notices that the child's hair is brittle, his nails tear easily, and the skin inside his lower eyelids is very pale. these are all signs of iron deficiency.
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Match the type of adaptation to the correct example, structural adaptation functional adaptation behavioral adaptation example type of adaptation elephants live in herds to protect their young leaves of a rain forest plant species have a pointed tip that enables rainwater to drain off easily. camels have nostrils that they can close snakes produce venom to kill prey and defend themselves. earthworms coil when touched, as part of a defense mechanism. human skin darkens with increased exposure to sunlight.
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Based on the prompt we should expect to see tgs activated where in the cell cycle
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Which medullary index indicates a human hair? a. 0.653 b. 0.733 c. 0.516 d. 0.256
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What is the unknown mineral most likely that has a density of 7.14...

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