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What field of science are homologous structures used as evidence for? ?

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Which set of characteristics best describes sedimentary rock? a) largest type of rock, made of organic matter, hardest type of rock b) often contains layers, forms near sources of water, contains fossils c) least abundant type of rock, made of other rocks, made mostly of minerals d) most abundant type in earth's crust, made of magma/lava, contains no fossils
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Asap i will reward you brainliest for best which sentence about protists is accurate? all protists are unicellular and microscopic in nature. they have organelles, so protists are eukaryotic in nature. all protists make their own energy through photosynthesis.
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How would you describe the the organisms in the second row of model 1 that are connected to the parents by a line
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The hematodinium parasite becomes less of a problem for the blue crab when the crab is very young. fishing is thriving in the region. the crab moves to less salty water. a significant percentage of the population is impacted.
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What field of science are homologous structures used as evidence for? ?...

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