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What do we need to survive in the tropical rainforest?

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1). what does it mean to say that the tropical rainforest biome typically has high biodiversity? 2). why is tropical rainforest loss a major environmental concern today? 3). what is caution exchange capacity and how does it relate to soil fertility?
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Tropical rainforest includes trees, animals, insects, plants, rain, rivers, rocks, soil, and warm, moist air. which spheres of earth are represented in a tropical rainforest? check all that apply. biosphere cryosphere geosphere hemisphere hydrosphere
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Terrestrial biomes are classified by the climate and their biodiversity, especially the types of primary producers. review the climatic data displayed in this graph of the major terrestrial biomes. there are two biomes that are rainforests: temperate and tropical. according to the climatic data, why are these two rainforests named differently? a) the temperate rainforest receives a more annual precipitation than the tropical rainforest. b) the tropical rainforest has a greater biodiversity than the temperate rainforest. c) the temperate rainforest has a lower mean annual temperature range than the tropical rainforest. d) the tropical rainforest has a higher mean annual temperature and receives much more annual precipitation.
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What factors explain the difference in biodiversity between the tundra and the tropical rain forest? a) large land area occupied by rain forest provides more space for a larger variety of organisms to live b) warmer temperatures and higher average rainfall in the tropical rainforest allow more things to survive c) unlike tropical rainforest, tundra biomes are cut off from oceans by ice, and so they loose access to rich source of food d) the tropical rainforest is not supportive of predators as the tundra, which allows many more organisms of varying types to flourish
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