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What do you know about an organism's parents if it is homozygous for a certain trait

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Which of the following protists gets nutrients mainly by absorbing molecules from other organisms through their cell walls and cell membranes? a. amoebas b. water molds c. ciliates d. slime molds
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Select the correct answer. which scenario describes unethical lab behavior? o a. danny stores the chemicals required for his experiment in flasks and beakers. b.anna publishes the results of her experiment on the growth rate of saplings. c.jason repeatedly runs an experiment until he gets the results he desires. d. mia records her observations of an experiment precisely and accurately.​
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Aresearcher designed an investigation to test what effect eating different types of food would have on blood insulin levels. she selected 10 male subjects who were all 25 years of age and in good health. the experiment took place over 3 days. at 8: 00 a. m. on each day, the subjects ate a meal consisting of only 1 type of food. they had their blood insulin levels measured after consuming the meal. on day 1 they ate a high fat diet, on day 2 they ate a high protein diet, and on day 3 they ate a high sugar diel what is the independent variable in this experiment? a the age of the subjects b the blood insulin level c the type of food consumed d the time of day the meal was consumed
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What evidence did mendel find that supported his law of independent assortment? a. some traits are controlled by several different genes. b. a trait can be passed on from a parent to an offspring. c. most traits have a dominant form and a recessive form. d. different traits are passed on independently of each other.
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What do you know about an organism's parents if it is homozygous for a certain trait...

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