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What are the average values for systolic and diastolic pressures?

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The following hormone had their receptors in the cell membrane except a-insulin b-tsh c-gh d- cortisol​
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Asap. this question is 100 points if you answer it question: describe the basic relationship between ocean depth and temperature seen in the graph
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Clues to ecological principles are given in numerous passages of the bible. a bible study of ecology actually opens the doors to better understanding of god's love and concern for the earth. use a concordance to locate bible passages associated with words concerning our stewardship of the earth. you may use a dictionary to find synonyms for these words: dominion replenish subdue judgment stewardship find each of the passages using these words related to principles of ecology. list all passages by quote, book, chapter, and verse under each word. use your own interpretation to rewrite what you think each verse is saying. after your discussion of each of these words, ask one other person to explain his understanding of the word and a related verse without any hints. summarize what he tells you. a concluding paragraph for each of the words should be written noting similarities and differences between your interpretation and that of each person consulted.
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Number and variety of living organisms includes genetic, species, and ecological types
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What are the average values for systolic and diastolic pressures?...

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