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How common is abuse in a relationship?

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In drosophila flies, eye color is sex-linked. the allele for red eyes (x^{\text{w}} w ) is dominant to the allele for white eyes (x^{\text{w}} w ). a male fly with red eyes x^{\text{w}} w y and a carrier female x^{\text{w}} w x^{\text{w}} w are mated. what is the probability that the female offspring will have white eyes? choose 1 choose 1 (choice a) a 25\%25% (choice b) b 50\%50% (choice c) c 0\%0% (choice d) d 100\%100% (choice e) e 75\%75%
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Human genes only differ by less than percent. a. 1 b. 6 c. 11 d. 16
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What substance acts to prevent sudden ph changes in bodily fluids?
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What form of anesthetic was used for field surgery
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How common is abuse in a relationship?...

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