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Why is soil important? why do we protect it? what is soil erosion?

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10111213141516lactic acid fermentation differs from ethyl alcohol fermentation in thato in ethyl alcohol fermentation co2 is also producedlactic acid fermentation can occur in all living thingsethyl alcohol fermentation can only occur in plantsonly lactic acid fermentation can produce more atp​
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Analyze how the water cycle affects a food web. now list 3 examples for each below using complete sentences, on how too much water would affect the same web? how about to little water?
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Which statement describes how favorable traits in a population relate to natural selection? they are the only traits that ever exist in the population. they build in the population over time. they are rarely passed on to offspring. they are found only in a few individuals within the population.
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In what locations does this text suggest you might find zooflagellates living? fresh water lakes on the surface of leaves inside other organisms on damp forest floors
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Why is soil important? why do we protect it? what is soil erosion?...

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