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Compare and contrast the circulatory system of plants and animals.

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Which list shows the levels of organization of an organism in hierarchical order from left to right, from the smallest to the most complex?
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In the family tree below, people with the recessive trait of attached earlobes are shaded gray.
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6. in domesticated cats, the following are independently assorting: normal ears (t) is dominant to tufted ears (t); curved whiskers (c) is dominant to straight whiskers (c); the presence of six toes (s) is dominant to five toes (s); gene for hair length is an x-linked codominant. the three phenotypes for hair length are long (xhxh), medium (xhxh), and short (xhxh); medium is the heterozygous condition. given two parents: ttccssxhxh x ttccssxhy how many different gametes could be formed in the female cat with respect to these four traits? how many phenotypes are possible in the offspring from this mating?
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Compare the composition of the moon's surface with the composition of the earth's surface.
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Compare and contrast the circulatory system of plants and animals....

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