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How does the use of cell technology benefit public health

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What causes an unsaturated fatty acid to have a different shape than a saturated fatty acid? o a. unsaturated fatty acids have more hydrogen atoms. o b. unsaturated fatty acids have double carbon bonds. o c. unsaturated fatty acids have more nitrogen atoms. o d. unsaturated fatty acids have single carbon bonds.
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In what part of a chloroplast does glucose production occur? a. atp synthase b. photosystem ii c. photosystem d. stroma
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Monitor and apply fix up strategies
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Question 3(multiple choice worth 4 points) (02.04 lc) which best describes the function of chloroplast? allows certa molecules to enter and exit the cell makes food during photosynthesis detoxifies waste products o packages proteins into vesicles
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How does the use of cell technology benefit public health...

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