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Which scientific skill involves sharing what you have learned with others?


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Astate in the united states wanted some funds for protecting its wildlife. however, the wildlife conservation and restoration program and the stste wildlife grants program denied funds to that state for the proposed program. the lack of which plan might be a possible reason for the denial of funds?
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Which statement best describes how the loudness of the sound affects the high-pressure region created by the sound wave? a. a louder sound has no effect on the pressure created. b. a louder sound means a high-pressure region that is higher. c. a louder sound means a high-pressure region that is not as high.
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What molecules will be best used to compare different species with the exact same sequence of amino acids? why would two species have the same protein even if the molecules in question is different? (hint: transcription to translation to protein).
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In many humans, exposing the skin to sunlight over prolonged periods of time results in the production of more pigment by the skin cells (tanning). this change in skin color provides evidence that -
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