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Which organisms are the producers? fishes, squid, or penguins

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How are cellular respiration and photosynthesis different? cellular respiration assists breathing; photosynthesis aids pigmentation. cellular respiration breaks down glucose; photosynthesis creates glucose. cellular respiration creates glucose; photosynthesis breaks down glucose. cellular respiration releases oxygen; photosynthesis releases carbon dioxide.
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Why are adults bigger than they were as children biology
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What is the benefit of a population having a lot of genetic variation?
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Dominance the dominant allele doesn’t fully mask or hide the recessive. for example, a red carnation with a white carnation will produce a carnation. one gene one trait. well most of the time than one gene controls a trait. we are all different but genetically speaking we are % similar with regards to genetic makeup.
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Which organisms are the producers? fishes, squid, or penguins...

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