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How is the growth of a crystal different from the growth of a baby bird

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This is the diveristy of ecosystems natural communites and habits it is the variety of ways that species interact with each other and their environment
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Choose one rutherford discoveries and explain why it intrigues you
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In 2001, records showed that local stocks of fish were down worldwide. yet, records of harvests indicated that fish were being taken at records rates. what was actually happening?
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Me brainliest 1. what does a red shift mean? blue shift? 2. describe the big bang theory. according to this theory, how old is the universe? 3. scientists believe the universe is expanding. what is the evidence that supports this? 4. describe a nebula.5. describe the 3 types of galaxies. what is a barred spiral galaxy? 6. what is a light year? how far is alpha centauri from earth? 7. describe the universal law of gravitation. be sure to include gravitational force between two objects.8. describe the planets’ orbits around the sun.9. what is the asteroid belt? where is it located? 10. describe rotation and revolution of earth. what determines an earth day and year? 11. how do galaxies exist? 12. compare and contrast the inner and outer planets.13. what causes the seasons?
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How is the growth of a crystal different from the growth of a baby bird...

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