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Many aspects of the angiosperm life cycle make flowering plants particularly well-suited to life on land. in fact, angiosperms are the most diverse and widespread of all plants. which six of the following statements reflect angiosperm adaptations to life on land? in angiosperms, a gametophyte protects a dependent sporophyte from desiccation. flowers attract animal pollinators carrying pollen from other plants of the same species. fruits aid in the dispersal of seeds by wind or by animals that carry or eat the fruits. in many angiosperms, the male gametophyte contained in a pollen grain can be transported many miles away by wind or animal pollinators. floral parts of the sporophyte protect the reduced female gametophyte from drying out and from uv radiation. fertilization in angiosperms is dependent on the presence of water. spores contain a supply of stored food, enabling the embryo to remain dormant until conditions are suitable for germination. seeds protect and nourish plant embryos, and fruits protect the seeds. seeds enable plant embryos to be dispersed long distances from the parent plant via wind or animals.

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Many aspects of the angiosperm life cycle make flowering plants particularly well-suited to life on...

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