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What is a type of enegry food coal oil or light​

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Type the correct answer in the box. use numerals instead of words. fiona has a lovely flower bed in her yard. she wants to add a fence along one side of the flower bed. the fence material is sold in meters. fiona knows that her flower bed is 200 centimeters in length. how much fencing material does fiona need in meters? fiona needs meters of fencing material for her flower bed.
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Which is the best example of a scientific discovery resulting from new technology? the discovery that elements can be grouped in a table on the basis of their propertiesthe discovery of atomic structure which led to the development of an electron microscopeo the discovery of the structure of dna, which occurred as the result of an x-ray image of a dna moleculeo the discovery that plant pigments can be separated and identified by using paper and a solvent​
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How does human environment effect the biosphere​
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Which of the following two events occur to create a sea breeze? select all that apply. warm air rises on the ocean and moves toward the land to cool warm air rises on land and moves toward the ocean to cool cool air moves from the ocean to be warmed by the land cool air moves from the land to be warmed by the ocean
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What is a type of enegry food coal oil or light​...

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