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Whats left after a supernova explosion?

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Four types of motile cells in human body?
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Glucose is a form of sugar found in the blood cells use glucose as a source of energy, but too much or too little can cause serious health issues so, the body uses the hormone insulin to regulate glucose n the blood insulin maintain glucose levels in the blood if blood glucose lovels got very high, what would you expect to see happen to insulin levels?
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On a recent expedition to a remote region of northern canada, scientists uncovered skeletal remains from about 100,000 years ago. surprisingly, all the skeletal remains, which included many species from differing biological families and spanned about two thousand years, showed evidence of experiencing temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees fahrenheit (or 538 degrees celsius). which of the following, if true, best explains the apparent paradox between the cold environment and the evidence of the bones experiencing hot temperatures? (a) chemical changes that naturally occur during the process of decay in only one north canadian species produce the same evidence of the species' skeletons being exposed to hot temperatures as the expedition scientists found. (b) a little over 103,000 years ago, a large fire is known to have occurred in northern canada. (c) strong evidence exists that as early as 70,000 years ago, homo sapiens around the world relied heavily on fire to cook animals. (d) in the same expedition and in roughly the same layer of excavation, scientists found rudimentary wood cutting and hunting tools used by early humans.
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What evidence supports the law of conservation of energy? a) mechanical energy is converted to chemical energy during photosynthesis. b) oxygen is made from the breakdown of carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. c)energy is absorbed by chlorophyll and becomes chemical energy during photosynthesis. d)the sun gives off light energy that is absorbed by plants.
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Whats left after a supernova explosion?...

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