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Whats left after a supernova explosion?

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Explain why these steps are bypassed; that is, why gluconeogenesis is not simply a reversal of the reactions of glycolysis. Be sure to describe the thermodynamics of the reactions, and the two reasons behind the thermodynamics.?
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There is a liquid capsule inside a cup full of liquid. the cup full of liquid has salt in it and the liquid capsule has no salt in it. in which direction will the solvent flow? a. the salt does not have to move b. from the capsule to the larger cup c. equally between the capsule and the cup d. from the larger cup to the capsule
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What must be done to breed dogs for a partical trait
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Which statement describes compounds a. compounds are made of one type of atom. b. compounds cannot be represented by models. c. compounds are represented by chemical formulas. d. compounds cannot be broken down into simpler forms.
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Whats left after a supernova explosion?...

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