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The lead violinist in an orchestra is the orchestrator concertmaster conductor orchestration

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Which sentence contains a misplaced modifier? after walking onto the stage, the conductor bowed to the audience in greeting. the conductor shook hands with michael guerro, the orchestra's concertmaster. listening to the beautiful blend of sounds, i marveled at the musicians' talent. the orchestra members prepared for the performance, tuning their instruments.
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Decisions in the performance of chamber music are made by? a. all the members b. the concertmaster/mistress c. the first violinist d. the conductor
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Imagine you are at a concert. on the stage is a full orchestra and conductor. standing in front of the orchestra is a violinist who has special solo moments during the performance. the violinist and the orchestra work together to create the larger work. the work performed brings special attention to the particular violinist and allows special "spotlight" performing moments for him/her. what type of work are you watching?
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Identify the sentence that has correct subject dash –verb agreement. a. the orchestra have a new conductor. b. the orchestra have hired a new conductor. c. the orchestra has a new conductor. d. the orchestra need a new conductor.
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The lead violinist in an orchestra is the orchestrator concertmaster conductor orchestration...

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