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Write about classical conditioning by identifying and giving an example of an unconditioned stimulus, an unconditioned response,
a neutral stimulus, a conditioned stimulus, a conditioned response, a stimulus discrimination, and a stimulus generalization that you
have experienced or seen

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Classical conditioning is most successful when the neutral stimulus begins: long before the unconditioned stimulus begins. immediately after the unconditioned stimulus begins. just before the unconditioned stimulus begins. x at exactly the same time that the unconditioned stimulus begins.
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Jessica loves to travel by air. she enjoys being in an airplane and experiencing the excitement of flying. however, jessica's last three flights were highly turbulent and made her anxious and physically sick. consequently, jessica now fears flying. in this scenario, in the context of classical conditioning, jessica's fear of flying is a(n) a. unconditioned stimulus b. unconditioned response c. conditioned stimulus d. conditioned response a) unconditioned stimulus b) unconditioned response c) conditioned stimulus d) conditioned response
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True of false : an infant can learn to sit up only after her muscles have grown (matured) enough to support her head. 2)according to piaget, object constancy is one of the most important concepts a child learned during the pre-operational stage. 3)both positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement are rewards. 4)a casino slot machine sometimes pays a large jackpot but most times does not pay anything at all. this is an example of partial or intermittent reinforcement. 5)when a parent gives a child an allowance for practicing the piano, the parent is using classical conditioning. 6)when an unconditioned stimulus results in an unconditioned response, classical conditioning is occurring. 7)with classical conditioning, a correct response must occur before reinforcement is given. 8)a response that occurs “naturally” without any learning is called a unconditioned response. 9)secondary reinforcement is an indirect reward. operant conditioning 10)involves a stimulus followed by a response followed by reinforcement.
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Is a learning process in which a previously neutral stimulus is repeatedly paired with an unconditioned stimulus that reflexively elicits an unconditioned response. eventually, the conditioned stimulus itself will evoke the response. (a) classical conditioning (b) operant conditioning (c) the electra complex (d) the oedipus complex
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Write about classical conditioning by identifying and giving an example of an unconditioned stimulus...

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