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How did the operation of the slave trade in kongo differ from that of whydah as described in document 14.2? (ap world history ways of the world )

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What gave portugal an advantage in the slave trade? a. a shared language with african slave traders b. a trade agreement with italian merchants c. trading posts on the african coast d. larger, faster trading ships which of the following is an example of how enslaved africans tried to preserve their culture? a. they converted to christianity. b. they introduced african musical instruments to the americas. c. they established a new asante kingdom. d. they adopted european forms of art and literature. from where did the middle passage originate? a. spain b. africa c. british north america d. spanish caribbean how did slavery in the ancient world differ from slavery in the americas? a. in the ancient world, people were slaves for life. b. in the ancient world, children of slaves were born into slavery. c. in the ancient world, slaves were often war captives or debtors. d. in the ancient world, millions of slaves were shipped from their home to other countries
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Why is the mayflower compact important? it was the first trade treaty between europe and the new world. it was the first record of births and deaths in the new world. it was the first rental arrangement for a ship to the new world. it was the first document of self-government in the new world.
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Where were the first true slave societies in world history? angola and kongo colonial america greece and rome songhai and mali
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Describe the evolution ofthe atlantic slave trade from 1500-1850. why and how did the slave trade evolve? how did the slave trade fit into the larger history of the transatlantic, or triangular, trading system? from what parts of africawere most enslaved peoples? how did african kingdoms facilitate the slave trade? how many enslaved africans were brought to the new world? how many were specifically brought to british north america? how does olaudah equiano's narrative give us insight into the "middle passage" and the nature of slavery? on what grounds did european slave traders initially justify the slave trade? by 1700, how did most british slave traders and planters justify slavery?
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How did the operation of the slave trade in kongo differ from that of whydah as described in documen...

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