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i try to keep you from committing deviant acts of behavior. your conscience is an example of me. sending you to jail is not an example of what i am. what am i?

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Positivist criminologist tends to focus on "high consensus" deviance which: a. are acts that are highly likely to result, if detected by the police, in arrest. b. emphasize the importance of social control of deviant behavior. c. stress the importance of being deviant themselves. d. study the biological aspects of human behavior.
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Someone who is a classified as a “juvenile delinquent” is best described as: a. a child who is continuously breaking the law or committing acts of mischievous behavior b. a child who breaks the law once or commits a single act of mischievous behavior c. a child who serves jail time d. a child who is tried as an adult in a court of law
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Although deviant behavior can be bad for social cohesion, it is paradoxical because: we tend to ignore most deviant behavior. it is the deviants among us who hold society together. most deviant behavior tends to disappear if it is too threatening to social cohesion. definitions of deviance never change over time.
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Among sociologists there is: a) much involvement in illegal deviant behavior b) little interest in the study of deviance c) widespread agreement about what behavior should be considered deviant d) a lack of consensus about what behavior should be seen as deviant
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i try to keep you from committing deviant acts of behavior. your conscience is an example of me. sen...

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